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Meet us @ Control Zone Online

We like to think relationships right up front !  We want you to get to know us, we are not a “hidden faceless” web development company.  We are like you, we have a story and like to think that we will earn your trust and respect to be offered the chance to design, create, build and maintain your world wide web site for you.

Jason Nyz

To build for functionality with complimenting design.
Who? A little guy with big ambitions who loves life
Likes:  new technology, effective design, wake boarding, BBQs 
Wish List:  World Domination! It's standard little man syndrome! 
However I would settle for better standards in web browsers, and a Mac for every boy and girl!

John Hadfield

I just love technology and it’s promise of "delivering better results”.
Who? Family guy with a wonderful family
Likes to: garden, snow ski, go boating, family times
Dislikes: Complacency, lack of results
Wish List: More travel and more grandkids!

Ben Hadfield

Who? Looking a little deeper to better myself at being me.
Likes to: Search for balance, find a streamline solution to the common problems
Dislikes: Those days at work when you're rushed off your feet but feel like you get nothing done!
Wish List: I wish for ..... World peace ! And to become Miss Universe! Ha ha ha, something a bit closer to having a routine.