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  Reconnect with your customers!

Keeping customers and improving clients understanding and knowledge about your business is “Business Rule 101 – especially with emarketing”.  Sure there are spam rules you must adhere to – see our FAQ for guidelines.   Our findings are very positive as to the high level of acceptance of quality information opened by email marketing recipients.   ControlZone Online can create and develop stylish, functional and informative custom designed emarketing programs.  We can also manage your email databases.   We assist you in deciding best days, time of day and even frequency of your “send”.

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Top Tips

Here are some considerations for your email marketing campaigns.   We hope they offer your unique business a short cut to more successful email marketing results.

Everyone is different !

• Accept your customers viewpoints and needs by developing your content to add value to their business
• It’s about them – make your email offers relative

Build ‘smart’ technology into your campaigns

• Use links to enable readers more info, just a click will register your client's interest

Respect the customers privacy

• Be spam compliant – Click here
• Never distribute your email database list

Capture email addresses

• Have a web sign up list on your Home Page
• Add new contacts from your accounting software
Collect email addresses and names from exhibitions, trade and open days